The developer kit

We see Mind4 as an open platform more than a standalone product. The Mind4 has a complete software framework based on Android for access to different parts of the system, including the optical engine, image processing engine, and the flight control. We provide a complete developer kit to help developer to develop apps for Mind4. Developers can use this framework to find out every possibility of Mind4's potential.

The complete developer kit including SDK, document, and debug hardware:

1. Mind4 SDK. Set of APIs for developers to access Mind4's system framework
2. Documentation.
3. Debug hardware includes a VAPS core module, and an extension board (on which VAPS module is mounted), for developer to simulate flight control, debug program logic, algorithms performance, etc.

The extension board has dedicated hardware simulating the action parts of Mind4, providing visual feedback to developers that any logic errors can be more easy to find out and located. It minimized the needs for outdoor and field testing during development process, and greatly improved development efficiency.

Though the debug hardware suite is not a must for developers to develop apps for Mind4, it can greatly help you to visualize your debug information and can greatly improve your development efficiency. So we highly recommend you to acquire this suite.